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HTTP Status Codes

The first digit of an HTTP status code indicates the category of the response: Information, Successful, Redirection, Client Error or Server Error.

The common status codes you’ll encounter for each category are:

1XX Informational

Status CodeReason PhraseDescription
100ContinueThe server received the request headers and should continue to send the request body.
101Switching ProtocolsThe client has requested the server to switch protocols and the server has agreed to do so.

2XX Successful

Status CodeReason PhraseDescription
200OKStandard response returned by the server to indicate it successfully processed the request.
201CreatedThe server successfully processed the request and a resource was created.
202AcceptedThe server accepted the request for processing but the processing has not yet been completed.
204No ContentThe server successfully processed the request but is not returning any content.

3XX Redirection

Status CodeReason PhraseDescription
301Moved PermanentlyThis request and all future requests should be sent to the returned location.
302FoundThis request should be sent to the returned location.

4XX Client Error

Status CodeReason PhraseDescription
400Bad RequestThe server cannot process the request due to a client error, e.g., invalid request or transmitted data is too large.
401UnauthorizedThe client making the request is unauthorized and should authenticate.
403ForbiddenThe request was valid but the server is refusing to process it. This is usually returned due to the client having insufficient permissions for the website, e.g., requesting an administrator action but the user is not an administrator.
404Not FoundThe server did not find the requested resource.
405Method Not AllowedThe web server does not support the HTTP method used.

5XX Server Error

Status CodeReason PhraseDescription
500Internal Server ErrorA generic error status code given when an unexpected error or condition occurred while processing the request.
502Bad GatewayThe web server received an invalid response from the Application Server.
503Service UnavailableThe web server cannot process the request.


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