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How to Create an EMR Cluster


Let’s see how to create an EMR Cluster on AWS. Assuming that you have the required access (IAM Roles) we follow the next steps.

Once you have logged in to the console, you can go to the services and search for EMR.

Once you click on the EMR, you can click on the “Create cluster“.

Then, you need to ensure that the right piece of software is installed onto EMR cluster. For that reason, you need to click on the “Go to advanced options“.

Then, you can choose the tools that you need.

Then click Next.

Now it is time to define the hardware part. You can define the node cluster instance (in my case is the m4.large), the number of core instances (in my case is 1), and the instance of the core.

Once you click Next, you can set the name of your cluster, in my case is My cluster, and then click next.

Then, you define the EC2 “Key pair” in order to have SSH access. Finally, you click on “Create cluster” and you should wait for around 10-15 minutes.

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