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George Pipis

How to Fish the Bitcoin Whales

In the cryptocurrency market, the big whales play a key role. These movements affect significantly the market. Take for example

interview questions
George Pipis

Interview Questions Vol.1

It is common to be asked to build some functions in Python (or any other programming language) during interviews in

George Pipis

Get Started with OpenCV

In this post, we will provide some examples of what you can do with OpenCV. Blending Images in OpenCV We

generate correlated data
George Pipis

How to Generate Correlated Data in R

Sometimes we need to generate correlated data for exhibition purposes, technical assessments, testing etc. We have provided a walk-through example

Billy Bonaros

ARIMA Model in Python

ARIMA is one of the most popular statistical models. It stands for AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average and it’s fitted to