Predictive Hacks

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George Pipis

Reshape Pandas Data Frames

We will provide some examples of how we can reshape Pandas data frames based on our needs. We want to

George Pipis

How to Test for Randomness

I have been contacted by many people asking me to predict the outcome of some events that in theory are

portfolio optimization
George Pipis

Portfolio Optimization in Python

We will show how you can build a diversified portfolio that satisfies specific constraints. For this tutorial, we will build

George Pipis

Undersampling by Groups in R

When we are dealing with unbalanced classes in Machine Learning projects there are many approaches that you can follow. Just

George Pipis

Tidyverse Tips

I have found the following commands quite useful during the EDA part of any Data Science project. We will work

How to Save & Read a Pandas Dataframe Containing Lists and Dictionaries
George Pipis

Pandas GroupBy Tips

This post is a short tutorial in Pandas GroupBy. As always we will work with examples. Let’s create a dummy

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