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Candlestick Charts in R

candlestick in R

We have written many posts related to stocks. A good way to represent the stock prices as time series is with Candlestick Charts.

Candlestick Charts in R 1

Let’s see how we can easily produce candlestick charts with R. We will work with the quantmod library and with the AMZN stock.


# get the Amazon Stock data
           from = "2020-01-01", 
           to = "2021-03-17",
           periodicity = "daily",

chartSeries(Amazon, name="Amazon Chart")
Candlestick Charts in R 2

chartSeries(Amazon, name="Amazon Chart", subset = "last 2 months")
Candlestick Charts in R 3
chartSeries(Amazon, name="Amazon Chart", subset = "2021", theme="white")
Candlestick Charts in R 4

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