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What is the tree-ish in Git

A tree-ish is a directory that contains files and subdirectories. In other words, a tree-ish can be a directory, a commit or a reference. For example:

  • SHA-1 hash
    • Example: git show <SHA>
  • HEAD
    • Example: git show HEAD
  • Branch
  • Tag
  • Ancestry
    • Example: git show HEAD^

List a tree-ish object

We can list a tree-ish object using the ls-tree command. For example:

git ls-tree HEAD
100644 blob 69caab2831763a8daca09ab0e09af36051308e98
100644 blob 148a5d09ed23ad803c5ba56df6d16c173a09a79d    myfile.txt

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