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Define Schema and Load Data in PySpark

In PySpark, when we read the data, the default option is inferSchema = True. Let’s see how we can define a schema and how to use it later when we will load the data.

Create a Schema

We will need to import the sql.types and then we can create the schema as follows:

from pyspark.sql.types import *

# Define the schema
my_schema = StructType([
  # Define a StructField for each field
  StructField('name', StringType(), False),
  StructField('surname', StringType(), False),
  StructField('age', IntegerType(), False),
  StructField('date', DateType(), False),
  StructField('department', StringType(), False)

And then we can load the data:

df =, header=True, nullValue='NA', schema=my_schema )

Here, we mentioned that the null values in our file appear as ‘NA’.

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